FAA-CRS#3B0R535B / EASA 145.6261 / BDA/AMO/409
Aircraft Painting Service
Servicio de pintura de Aviones

Your plane with a deep glossy new finish, looking sharp and brilliant!

Su avión con un profundo acabado brillante!

Your plane sharp and brilliant! That's the result you'll get after our 330-point checklist painting process at our new Opa Locka (KOPF) facilities.

Starting with the design and layout, using your personal color scheme, our design team will present you with digital images for your approval. You'll get a chance to make sure everything is planned according to your wishes. You'll get all the details about the schedule, what will be done and what will be used.

Once your aircraft is taken in, we thoroughly inspect your plane before starting the meticulous multi-step preparation and painting job. The inspection data will be logged and documented.

Throughout the stripping of all exterior paint, etching and metal treatment we use the tools, techniques and chemicals that ensure corrosion resistance and paint adhesion for years to come.

After the final coats of paint have been applied, our maintenance crew balances and installs flight controls and previously removed items. Careful detailing, polishing and sealing are the last steps before a final paint inspection is performed.

At Boca Aircraft Maintenance, we use the best crafts people and top-quality products, and we spare no steps to make you proud with a great work of art.

  • Detailed inspection of exterior
  • Exterior paint chemically stripped with environmentally friendly methylene chloride
  • Aircraft is alkaline washed. Acid brightener used to deep clean the aluminum surfaces
  • Alodine treatment applied to aid defense against corrosion while also providing excellent bonding surface for primers.
  • Corrosion inhibiting epoxy primer applied
  • Application of second high build primer (optional), sanded smooth to hide rivet dimples and seam lines
  • Base color sprayed onto aircraft and correct amount of curing time observed
  • Paint scheme is laid out on aircraft
  • Maintenance crews balance and install flight controls. Installation of required placards
  • Bright work polished to deep shine
  • All windows edge sealed and lightly polished
  • Final paint inspection performed

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Aircraft Painting Service in Opa Locka, Florida
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